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With our new Univer­salGame The Rising Star, execu­tives can explore and improve their management skills, gain insight into their own actions, and try new options. The end result is an individual compe­tence profile that provides additional infor­mation on develo­pment opportunities.

Managers face new challenges every day. Leading staff, coordi­nating teams, delegating and organizing tasks — The Rising Star gives them the oppor­tunity to get to know themselves better — in a safe space. Playing this Serious Game will help to get to know patterns of action, to question them and, if necessary, to change them.

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What makes
good Managers?

Execu­tives do not go through just another e‑learning with our Serious Game The Rising Star. Rather, they have the oppor­tunity to get to know themselves better as a leader — directly in the context of a simulation of a manager’s everyday life.

Managers who continue their education with The Rising Star engage with key questions about their tasks, learn about alter­native courses of action and discover their strengths — and areas in which there is still potential.

Topics of The Rising Star

What is it about?

The game simulates a normal working day with various challenges.

The tasks are to organize your work and the team as well as to guide your employees.

The conse­quences of your actions and decisions become evident and clear.

The game analysis highlights strengths, weaknesses and better management options.

Which questions are in focus?

What makes a good manager, what are the core competencies?

How can you lead the team to best success?

Which leadership skills does a good manager need?

How can process steps and phases be optimally managed?

What are the advan­tages of the evaluation?

The evaluation of the player’s gameplay results in an individual management profile.

The parti­ci­pants recognize their own behavioral patterns, devia­tions and impro­vement options.

In new playthroughs, the findings can be directly tested and practiced.

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