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Cyber security and infor­mation awareness: With our new serious game myRo P7 you can immediately ensure more security in your company. Because with the security awareness training myRo P7, your employees quickly acquire the crucial skills.

The best security systems don’t help if your employees carelessly deal with sensitive data. Anyone who does not train here poses great risks for his company. Therefore, it is important to design trainings in such a way that competent handling becomes a habit.

This can hardly be achieved with classical means. myRo P7 is different. Because with this Serious Game innovation you transform theore­tical knowledge into action compe­tence. And you can start right now.

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Security means:
act properly.

With our serious game myRo P7, your employees go through a curri­culum that includes all essential aspects of infor­mation security and cyber security. This means that myRo P7 is also suitable for preparing for ISO 27001 certi­fi­cation. Because with this Univer­salGame you create compe­tence in precisely those points that most often make you vulnerable.

With myRo P7 you do not convey any theore­tical knowledge that is quickly forgotten after further training and is not used in everyday life. Rather, your employees practice what is important in practice: correct action and decision-making.

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E‑mail and phishing attacks

Social Engineering

Cloud Computing Security

Secure login data

Protection of infor­mation and documents

Safe handling of mobile data carriers

Act right in an emergency

Send confi­dential documents

Safe handling of suspi­cious incidents

Well protected in the home office and on business trips

Security by Design

Secure Notebooks, Smart­phones and other devices

Awareness and compe­tence for personal data

Good habits for more security

Certi­ficate upon successful completion

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