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We believe that people like to learn when the training is done really well. When they arouse curiosity and are fun. When they activate and challenge employees and reward them for good performance.

These are the principles that we apply when developing our serious games. And it is the principles that we have in mind during the entire gamification workshop in order to develop and integrate the best possible design for your digital training.

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After the workshop, we put our heads together internally and let our creativity run free. On the basis of the results from the gamification workshop, our training designers develop an idea sketch.

The idea sketch contains all the important consi­de­ra­tions about the core components and functions that will define your training and make it unique. In it, we convey exactly how your digital training / serious game should look like so that it achieves all of the specified goals and speci­fi­ca­tions and inspires your target groups. With the help of the idea sketch, you can later under­stand what your training will look like in concrete terms, how it will work and what benefits it will bring in the end.

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With our gamification workshop, we also improve your existing digital trainings and make them more effective. Or we can develop a new digital training with you.

Take the first step. And inspire your colleagues and employees with advanced training that is fun and encou­rages learning.

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