How much does
an individual
Serious game

In short: about as much as a new car.

Ok, admit­tedly: the price range for new cars is wide. Depending on the engine power, equipment, extras and quality, it ranges from very cheap to very expensive. It’s similar with serious games: so-called mini serious games can be realized from as little as 8,000 euros. Compre­hensive solutions are in the six-digit range. Most of the indivi­dually developed serious games cost between 30,000 and 150,000 euros. Important for the calcu­lation: Serious games pay off quickly, especially in areas where many employees would otherwise have to be trained in expensive training courses or workshops.

How much time
DO I have
TO invest?

The truth: The develo­pment of a successful serious game also requires your commitment. Therefore: Probably a lot more than you initially think.

Your serious game will be most successful when you bring in as many concrete ideas and expec­ta­tions as possible as well as your specific know-how and your compe­tence. And for that you need time: for the conver­sation with us, the exami­nation of the serious game concept, feedback and voting rounds, the creation of basic content, accep­tance or the exami­nation of preli­minary versions. But the investment is worth it: in the end, you will inspire your colleagues and employees with the most innovative, beautiful and sustainable form of learning.


We want to offer you the best possible solution for your company. Whether a tailor-made serious game, a ready-made universal game or a gamification solution: Just give us a call or write to us. We are happy to help.

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