Learning is not just a cognitive process. The more sensory organs are involved and the more varied and appealing the learning content is offered, the more strongly feelings are addressed during learning.

And this pays off, because memory perfor­mance depends on the synaptic repre­sen­tation in the brain. That’s why we create multi­media learning environ­ments. For sensory learning experiences.



We are experts in serious games and gamification. That’s why we focus exclu­sively on making digital training inter­active, motivating and fun — and signi­fi­cantly more effective. For you. For your employees. For your success.

Regardless of whether you need a ready-made serious game or we develop one speci­fi­cally for your needs: the only thing that counts for us is your success. And this sometimes starts with advice on the best ideas for your requirements.

Individual Games
Especially for your
The company

Serious games are the most innovative and effective way in the field of e‑learning to motivate your employees, impart knowledge, change behavior and stimulate personal growth.

For more complex training topics and training scenarios, we therefore develop special solutions that are precisely tailored to your HR objectives.

Security Game Events
Unique and exciting cyber
Security awareness training

Security Game Events raise awareness, inform, and train employees for better cyber and infor­mation security.

Each event is highly inter­active. It lasts 2 hours and takes place online or on-site, in German or English. With live moderation and a special Security Game, parti­ci­pants train to protect themselves against cyber­at­tacks. The Security Game Events are offered under the Mindcraft brand.

Gamification Consulting
Ideas, concepts,

Do you want to discover the world of serious games for your company? As gamification experts, we develop exactly the right, target-oriented learning approach for your target group, and from this an initial idea and concept.

From the challenge, the goals and the target groups, to the learning content and the ideas for the serious game, to the visua­liz­ation that will convince you internally. That is our great passion.


Serious games and gamification are parti­cu­larly effective and the best way to learn. Studies show: Game-based learning has a much more lasting effect than other forms of learning.

We know this from our own experience.

And so do our customers.


We offer the best possible solution for your company. Whether it’s a custo­mized individual game, a ready-made universal game, or another gamification solution: Call us or write to us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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