Every company needs employees who are evolving. Serious Games by Fabula provide training that is fun and really brings forward. In almost all divisions. With our new Univer­sal­Games on top topics in the further education you can even start immediately.

More Motivation
Enjoyable Training

Serious games provide new motivation and learning success all by themselves. Because playing is the best way to learn and belongs to the nature of man. Ease, learning and success become one.

Strong Impact
Real Compe­tence

Compe­tence and right action arise when knowledge is applied and practiced. The best way to achieve this are serious games.

Personal growth
Space for development

In the game, mistakes are just as allowed as experi­ments and the explo­ration of boundaries. Serious games provide sheltered spaces that transform experi­ences into compe­tencies.

Best Feedback
New Ways to Succes

Anyone who wants to develop needs clear feedback. Serious games show strengths, weaknesses and advances directly — opening up individual paths to success.

Simply unique
Learn like never before

Simulation, strategy game or vivid learning world — The possi­bi­lities to use completely different game concepts for sustainable training are unlimited with Serious Games.

Employer Branding
The best for the best

With Serious Games, you can count on innovative conti­nuing training offers that make you distin­guis­hable and show your employees that you care about their development.


Fabula Games offers you the full range of options you need to get the most out of your conti­nuing education. In addition to our Univer­sal­Games, which you can use immediately, there are naturally also custo­mized solutions that have been specially developed for your company.

Univer­sal­Games PLUS
Your own Topics,
Your own Branding

Our Univer­sal­Games PLUS offer you the oppor­tunity to expand and complement our ready-made Serious Games on key education topics that are specific to your business. This will help you ensure that your company-specific knowledge and know-how is really used in the daily work of your employees.

Especially for Your

Serious games are the most innovative and effective way of e‑learning to re-motivate your employees, commu­nicate knowledge, change behavior and encourage personal growth. For more complex training topics and training scenarios, we therefore develop special solutions that are precisely tailored to your HR goals.

Ideas, concepts,

Serious games and gamification solutions are ground­breaking in many areas of profes­sional development and employee training today. After all, if learning is allowed to be fun, people like to keep on evolving to top form. As part of our consulting services, we are happy to show you how your company can best benefit from these advan­tages.


Serious Games sind wirkungsvoll und die schönste Art zu lernen. Davon sind wir überzeugt. Und unsere Kunden auch.


We want to work with you to develop the best possible serious game for your business. Call us now or write us.

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